Artist Statement

I am constantly drawn to art in all its many facets because I see art everywhere I look. However, only things that are truly beautiful motivate me to paint.

My attempts at creating beautiful paintings prove to be fuel for the fire. The more I try the more I want to try, and try to improve in creating something that is more beautiful than what is seen before me, if possible. Not just a representation of a landscape, still life or figure, but a beautiful one.

My process is simple. See beauty, analyze why it is beautiful to me, then paint it. The medium of choice is oil with all its richness and depth. Variations of application of paint is what I like to achieve though not necessarily a conscious choice. Thick paint, thin paint, soft edges, hard edges....whatever it takes to make it all happen.

My goal is that when viewed, my work will make someone feel better than before they looked at it. I want the star to be the work and not me. I want my work to have a life of its own.